Leach Strategic Partners, LLC

The single source for public safety UAS programs.


Starting a UAS Program may appear daunting, but we have the expertise to help your agency navigate the process.


Solutions for UAS Encounters

We have the expertise to drive your program from a visionary concept to an operational reality. We will help you develop policies and procedures, provide remote pilot training, assist with UAS selection, and provide program auditing….


UAS Program Implementation

We have the experience and in-dept understanding of the issues surrounding UAS operator interactions and can provide your members with the tools and knowledge necessary for a successful resolutions…


UAS Mitigation Strategies

We will help you navigate the complex issue of UAS mitigation. We offer training and support to allow your members to confidently manage UAS incursions during active scenes, investigations, or large events…

FAA Part 107 Waivers

Leach Strategic Partners, LLC has assisted clients with obtaining waivers for Part 107 Operations. If you have a need to conduct UAS flights in controlled airspace, operations over people, at night or under any condition not normally authorized, we can assist you. We have successfully obtained waivers with first time submissions to the FAA limiting time consuming follow up questions.

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