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Leach Strategic Partners LLC was founded by Ronald Leach, a 23 year veteran of the New Jersey State Police (NJSP)

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Ron’s extensive aviation experience began when he obtained a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Private Pilot certificate prior to joining the New Jersey State Police (NJSP). His aviation experience includes holding an FAA Airline Transport Pilot rating, Flight Instructor, and Instrument Flight Instructor ratings.

Ron spent 15 years of his career within the NJSP Aviation Bureau flying all mission profiles in the Bell 206B and 206L series helicopters, the Sikorsky S-76B and S-76C, and holds aircraft type ratings for the Agusta-Westland AW-139 and AB-139. Ron was also the first NJSP pilot to hold the newly created FAA Remote Pilot certification in August 2016.With the rising popularity of UAS in the field of aviation, Ron realized early on the benefits and the infinite applications that could be achieved using this new technology within the NJSP. With safety as the priority and drawing from his experience as a New Jersey State Trooper and a pilot, Ron began to formulate a plan for the integration of UAS with the intention to augment the Aviation Bureau and made these suggestions to his Command.

Because of his persistence, expertise and experience, Ron was tapped to lead a group of sworn and civilian members of the NJSP for the development of a UAS program that could be deployed across the entire spectrum of the Division’s operations.

In six months, Ron successfully guided the drafting of UAS deployment policy, training requirements, developed a frequently asked questions list for Public Information Office, addressed Constitutional concerns and identified suitable systems that could be rapidly deployed.

Ron has provided input on proposed law enforcement guidelines promulgated by the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office. A highlight of his input was to clearly delineate the prohibition of the Use of Force by a UAS. Ron served on the UAS Law Enforcement Working Group under the Justice Technology Information Center, a program of the National Institute of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice for recommendations to law enforcement. Ron’s Use of Force input was highlighted in a recommended best practices publication by this group.

Ron has gained valuable experience and an in depth understanding issues related to counter-UAS (c-UAS) technologies and the current limitations that prohibit its use. Ron has worked with MetLife Stadium security staff to assist in addressing some of these issues and has made c-UAS recommendations to the NJSP members assigned there.

Ron retired from the NJSP in May 2018 and saw the need for public safety guidance and the lack of expert knowledge that could assist departments with starting their own UAS programs, conducting operations with best practices, and maintaining a positive public perception by stressing the importance of Constitutional protections when using this new technology. Ron’s particular expertise is currently focused on New Jersey and he can provide real time, accurate information and solutions.Leach Strategic Partners is a single source for public safety agencies looking for answers and information related to Unmanned Aircraft Systems. Questions such as: How do we start a UAS operation? What can we do with our UAS? How can we stop a threat from a UAS? or perhaps, What do my officers do when they encounter a UAS in the field?

Ron’s extensive network has nationwide reach and he enjoys relationships with the FAA, training partners and technical providers that will serve to support public safety UAS programs.